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Three Pillars
Need-Based Scholarships 

Thanks in large part to the generosity of Three Pillars Recruiting, along with local Jewish Federations, we are able to provide need based scholarships to a select group of teens currently in grades 8-12. 

Max. amount for a Need Based Scholarships: $2500. 
(may be combined with other discounts). 

How to apply for a merit scholarship?
1. Register for the trip here
2. Do NOT send in a deposit (yet).
3. Fill out the scholarship application below.

4. Email us your 2022 tax returns. You will be prompted to do this when you complete the application.
5. We may contact you with questions regarding your application.

6. Within two weeks we will let you know if you've received a scholarship. 

Success! Your message was received. Please email your 2022 tax returns to No need-based scholarships will be considered without a tax return.  We will be contacting you via email with further instructions.

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