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ARYEH Across

See Full Itinerary Below 


To celebrate our 14th summer we're introducing a brand new trip that highlights both incredible National Parks and exciting big city locales: Aryeh Across Am3rica! This is an incredible trip through Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, and Utah! AAA will be jam-packed with incredible activities such as white water rafting, great amusement parks, waterfall hiking, natural hot springs, and some of the most epic locales in the US! Experience the awe-inspiring magnificence of the Grand Tetons, meet real Olympic athletes, see Old Faithful erupt 100 feet into the air, visit the Mall of America, climb up
 Mt. Rushmore, and so much more! 

The leaders of this trip run social education classes steeped in moral and Torah values to help our participants grow socially and emotionally. Like all Aryeh trips, Aryeh Across Am3rica is Shomer Shabbat and Kashrut, and open to both mainstream and special education teens.


AAA will be run by Sammy Bernstein, returning for his 5th Aryeh trip! R' Yoni Glatt and Justin Spiro (LSW) will be joining parts of the trip as well.

Scholarships are available- Click here for more info. Know an Israeli teen directly affected by Oct. 7? Email us to find out how they can join the trip FOR FREE. 

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Aryeh Adventures is intended for high functioning individuals with special social, intellectual, and/or emotional needs. If you feel your child might be a candidate to be a camper on Aryeh please contact us. All campers must be able to dress and bathe themselves, and be able to have a conversation while making eye contact.

Parents should check with their local synagogues and Federations to see if scholarship funds are available. We have limited funds available as well. This is a not-for-profit program (501c3), led by our fantastic volunteer-based staff. Our goal is to create a warm, altruistic environment where Midot Matter Most and every single day is filled with happiness and excitement.


Aryeh West is open to mainstream teens finishing grades 8-10 who will come on the trip as mentors, but no more than 20 will be accepted onto the program. Approximately 10-15 campers with some special needs, who are between the ages of 14-20, will also be accepted onto the trip. In addition there will be a group of Israeli teens joining the trip that were directly impacted by October 7. Our goal is for these individuals to form lasting friendships with our other Aryeh campers and mentors, providing them with a sincere feeling of social inclusion. Unfortunately, individuals with physical disabilities will be unable to join AAA. Other young men and women with non-physical special needs might also not be able to be a part of Aryeh. We accept each applicant on a case by case basis, but also want to make sure each individual gets the care they need. 

***Should we need to cancel the program due to health safety all deposits and payments are 100% refundable.***




July 1- Fly to Chicago, The Skydeck, Millennium Park 
July 2- Six Flags Great America 

July 3- Milwaukee, Paddle Boating, Quad Biking 
July 4- Minneapolis, Vikings Stadium Tour, Mississippi River
July 5- Minnehaha Park, Waterfall Adventure, Frisbee Golf
July 6- Shabbat in Minneapolis
July 7- Mall of America, Sioux Falls South Dakota
July 8- Badlands National Park 

July 9-  Mt. Rushmore, Black Hills Hike

July 10- Wind Cave National Park Adventure
July 11- Devils Tower, Head to Montana

July 12- Whitewater Rafting in Big Sky

July 13- Shabbat in Montana 

July 14- Yellowstone, Hot Springs, Beaver Ponds 

July 15- Old Faithful, Mystic Falls, Old West Shootout 

July 16- Grand Tetons, Jenny Lake Boat Ride

July 17- Idaho Falls, SLC Olympic Park

July 18- Lagoon Amusement Park, Flights Home
July 19- Arrive Home


 *Itinerary subject to change based on weather, health       restrictions, and availability.  

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