Aryeh Adventures 

  • Aryeh Adventures is a 9/11 memorial charity (501c) created in loving memory of Edward (Ari) Lichtschein. Our Aryeh programs bring our campers to some of the most magnificent, inspiring, and exciting locations on the planet. Kindness, understanding, acceptance, and altruism are embodied on all Aryeh tours. Our experienced staff members lead group sessions on social education, giving campers more self-confidence, teaching them how to be better leaders and individuals.

  • Campers come from all over the world! To date we've had participants from Israel, Australia, France, Canada, and across the US: NY, NJ, CT, PA, FL, CA, OH, MA, and IL. 

  • Through our United program are goal is to enrich the lives of high functioning young men and women with special needs. While those with some special needs are eligible for all our programs, we know that some of our other trips might not be for everyone. However, on United our aim is to provide an atmosphere for those campers who might be having a more difficult time socially due to their special needs. Our ultimate goal is for those participants to have the experience of their lives on United, making amazing new friends, and then joining us on one of our longer programs the following summer.

  • Scholarships: Please go to our Money Matters page for more info.

  • Our staff is the heart of Aryeh Adventures. Our programs are run by a highly selective group of experienced counselors, community professionals, educators, and emerging leaders. A passion for being role models and guiding lights to Jewish youth is a key requirement to getting an Aryeh job. We only hire the best of the best when it comes to our staff. Director Yoni Glatt, who has 13 years of experience leading Jewish teen tours, personally oversees the hiring of every staff member.

  • All meals are strictly kosher, and are either provided by our on-site catering staffs, kosher restaurants, or kosher hotels. Participants are asked to observe the laws of Shabbat (e.g. use of money and electronics-including cell phones- is prohibited on Aryeh Adventures). Attending prayer services is mandatory three times daily for boys (and shacharit is mandatory for girls), however, we do not force kids to pray. Those kids who do not wish to doven may either sit quietly or read a book of educational interest. We hope that our participants are inspired to pray after having one amazing and uplifting experience after another. All religious policies are decided by our Rabbinic Director, Rabbi Moshe Grussgott.

  • Smaller is better. On Aryeh Adventures we believe that the social atmosphere of each program plays a huge part in elevating a campers experience. Because of this, no Aryeh trip will have more than one bus

  • New campers will need to have a short interview after registering for a trip as we want to make sure that our program is right for you. Please see our United page for more info. regarding interviews and applications for that trip.